Guess what?
John Stephen
Guess what?
One and a half year old toddler presented with multiple scalp abscesses associated with mild fever.He has been having eczema since past 3 months along with episodes of spontaneous nasal bleeds.
Haematological investigations indicated
1. Thrombocytopaenia.
2. Low IgM levels
3. High IgA and IgE levels.
Parents are known cases of asthma . What's your diagnosis??
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Shivang Khunt, very good reasoning and analysis, which will hold you in good stead as you go ahead.Ask questions to hour teachers,and read from books.Now I'm also waiting for the answer,which DrvRashmeet Arora had given. Hope senior Specialist,endorses it.
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Thnk u so much...Dr. Mangala
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Dr. M●●●a G●●●h
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Immune deficiency --Wiscot aldrich syndrome
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