Guess what's the diagnosis?
Guess what's the diagnosis?
A 27 yr Old Male patient came to OPD with the chief complaints of 1) Bilateral Nasal Obstruction since 1.5yr 2) Nasal bleed since 1yr 3) Intermittent frontal headache since 1yr.
The obstruction was associated with watery nasal discharge which aggravated on exposure to dust and smoke with no reliving factor. The bleeding was spontaneous and resolved spontaneously with around 5ml/episode with 1episode every 2-3months. The headache was severe and non radiating and relieved only on medication. No H/o recurrent sneezing or ear or throat pain however there was history of Change in voice and anosmia since 1yr.
The past and family history is not significant.

General Examination: Normal
Nasal Examination:
No external deformity
Reddish mass seen on the floor of nasal cavity on left side which doesn't bleed on touch and white polypoidal lession seen on the right nasal cavity extending till inf. turbinate and doesn't bleed.
oral cavity: Bulge in the soft and hard palate with absent gag reflex.
All other system normal.
I Got Options to help you based on CECT Report:
A] Hemangioma
B] Para-ganglioma
C] Naso-pharyngeal angiofibroma

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Antral sign or Holman-Miller sign (forward bowing of posterior wall of maxilla) is pathognomic of angiofibroma.
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Looks like inverted papilloma, do u have soft tissue window CT PNS or MRI.
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