Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic C
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All suspected (awaiting test results) and confirmed cases of COVID-19 disease are currently being isolated and managed in a hospital setting with the intent to break the chain of transmission.

As per existing guidelines, during the containment phase the patients should be clinically assigned as follows & admitted to respective health centres:

- Very mild/mild to COVID Care Center;
- Moderate Dedicated COVID Health Center;
- Severe Dedicated COVID Hospital

However, very mild/ presymptomatic patients having the requisite facility at his/her residence for self-isolation will have the option for home isolation.

The present guidelines are in addition to guidelines on appropriate management of suspect/confirmed case of COVID-19 issued by MoHFW on 7th April, 2020.
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Note: This is a brief compilation of guidelines provided by MoHFW. Please refer to attached pdf for complete information including Annexure I & II.

Source: MoHFW
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