Gujarat Medical Council asks members not to indulge in non-e
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In a step to curb rising examples of hospitals using non-ethical advertising to attract patients, the Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) issued an advisory asking all registered medical practitioners not to advertise themselves with their photos to solicit patients directly or indirectly.

The advisory by GMC states that -
'It has come to the notice of Gujarat Medical Council recently, that in today's era of competitive medical practice, corporate hospitals and private practitioners have been knowingly or unknowingly overstepping the Lakshmanrekha of ethical advertising.'

The advisory cautions all practitioners on such practice; which is a violation of the Code of Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics 2002 under the IMC Act.

However, the advisory makes exceptions in certain conditions including when a medical practitioner begins a new practice, changes his address, is on leave, changes the type of practice etc.

The following activities have been also categorized as a violation of the above code under IMC Act:

1. An act of self-advertisement using print or billboards displaying skills or qualification by a physician or hospital

2. Approval for endorsement of drug, practice or any other by the physician to another person.

3. Involvement of the physician in giving or receiving the gift or any other commission in reference of procuring any patient for medical treatment.

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