HEALTH ALERT:-Top 6 Body Insecurities Men Worry About Women
Aejaz Iqbal
HEALTH ALERT:-Top 6 Body Insecurities Men Worry About

Women are Notoriously known for making disparaging comments about their looks or feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with certain bodily features. Some men may also have the same feelings and thoughts but usually are unlikely to verbalize them out loud. Men usually instead internalize their attitude about their appearance.

What are some of the embarrassing male body issues that men face? Here is a list of what some men may find unattractive about them and wish they could change. Many features on the list can be remedied, often at a monetary price. But, if it makes a man feel more confident boosting his self-esteem, then the cost of making a change is worth it.

1. Beer Belly

When men gain weight it almost always accumulates in the belly and it’s not just drinking beer that causes that. Excessive intake of calories, not enough exercise or both, can lead to fat gain around the midsection, creating a “beer belly.” Unfortunately this portly paunch signals a man’s increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke, especially if his waist size is greater than 40 inches. But, by following a weight loss plan of eating healthier and increasing exercise, his beer belly has a much better chance of turning into a fit belly.

2. Excessive Sweating

Men and excessive sweating just seem to go together and indeed they do pour out more than women. But if a man finds himself having to wipe his hands frequently throughout the day or discovers embarrassing sweat stains on his clothes, he may have a condition called hyperhidrosis. Triggers can be emotions, heat or nothing at all. Areas of the body most affected are the armpits, soles of the feet and the palms. Men with this problem should discuss it with his doctor as there are effective treatments available.

3. UniBrow

Maybe having a unibrow is not of a concern for some men. But for others, they would rather have a more normal looking separation between their brows. The hormones that make a man’s beard grow also can make eyebrows thick and bushy to where they come together in the center. An effective treatment for a unibrow is electrolysis. Electrolysis uses tiny electric shocks to permanently destroy the hair follicles. Another treatment is to wax the brow but it must be repeated every four to six weeks.

4. Back Hair

Most men do not want to resemble a Neanderthal but when back hair begins to grow, it is probably time to do something about it. Not that back hair has any health issues associated with it and most people wouldn’t know it’s there, at the same time, it probably won’t be a magnet for women either. Back hair may be a few tufts here and there or very full and bushy. One of the best ways to tame it down is to have laser hair removal. Cheaper options include shaving it off, waxing, and hair removal creams with results that last up to a few weeks.

5. Receding Hair Line

By age 35, a significant portion of men will have noticeably thinner hair and by age 50, hair loss. If thinning hair begins as a receding hairline, it may progress to bald spots on the top of the head. There is hair restoration surgery that can reduce bald patches. Men can also talk to their doctor about prescription medications for hair loss that might have some minimal success. Or, a man can embrace his baldness, telling himself, “bald is beautiful,” as many women do find it attractive.

6. Body Odor

Standing next to someone with bad body odor is never pleasant. Whether it’s caused from working or playing hard, strenuous activity can result in body odor. Sweat itself does not smell – instead it’s the bacteria that use sweaty skin as a breeding ground that dispenses a foul odor. The best way to fight it off is to shower regularly with soap and use an antiperspirant. Wash work or athletic clothing frequently and sometimes avoiding smelly foods such as garlic and onions may help.

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