HIGH FUNCTIONING DEPRESSION  WHO's theme for 2017 being '
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Varada Ghadge

 WHO's theme for 2017 being 'Depression: Let's Talk', let's look at a rather little known, or neglected type of it- High Functioning Depression. 

   A person suffering with the condition is apparently doing alright in life, many a times even excelling at things, yet there is this VOID, this sense of PURPOSELESSNESS that fills such a person's life; everything they do becomes ROBOTIC. MECHANICAL. Their emotions somehow fail to match their achievements. To make the matters even grave, these people are pros at hiding their anguish.

   The worst part is, though, these people often find it hard to come to terms with the fact that they are depressed. How could a person who's got it all together from the society's point of view, bordering on the overachieving front, even; be depressed? Even people close to the person fail to understand this at times. After all, the typical depression depicted by the mainstream media often creates a horrific picture about those affected. The person finds it hard to even get out of bed.

   Due to this illusion, the DILEMMA a person affected with High Functioning Depression undergoes, might become unbearable for them at times.There is a high chance such a person can take some drastic step, without even the people close to him realizing. Such insidious onset is very dangerous.

   It's not something one can just 'stop sulking and get out of'! With proper support, counselling and medication, it can be a pretty manageable condition. Mental illnesses are a real thing, not a taboo.

   LET'S START A DISCUSSION! As a medical professional, what is your take on mental illnesses? 

   Depression: Let's Talk about it. 

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Dr. S●●●●m PK
Dr. S●●●●m PK Psychiatry
Undetected, unidentified, untreated etc depressive disorders is big problem among medical professionals itself.Recently there is increase in suicide rates too.We medical professionals itself is holding stigma towards mental illness. so we tend to deny it , never willing to accept the problem. Let' s talk among our colleagues too. Please everyone find time to enquire about ur co workers life status and try to find out if anyone needs assistance.Encourage them to seek professional help.Maintain good work Life balance.Do daily exercise. stop running behind money rather spend quality time with family and friends.Enjoy Life to its fullest. Depression is the result of neurochemical and physiological changes in brain.It needs treatment with drugs and talk therapy . ... Read more
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V●●●●a G●●●●e
V●●●●a G●●●●e General Medicine
Exactly Dr Saleem Sir! There needs to be more open conversation among people about this issue! Depression: Let' s Talk and start conversations.
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