Dr. Prerna Mittal
I had always been proud of my slim and attractive shape ever since I remember. I count myself among the few lucky women who do not have to worry about gaining weight with pregnancy or with increasing age. My habit of eating well and keeping myself busy with physical work has also helped to keep me in a slim and attractive shape from years now. However, it was a few years ago when I started my first job that I began to notice my chest was incredibly flat.

It was then that I began to feel self-conscious for the first time in my life. I had always thought that I had a perfectly fine body till I realized that wearing certain clothes made me feel less attractive because of abnormally small breasts. After my best friend noticed me becoming moody and confronted me, I finally confessed to her about it. Thankfully, as expected, she gave me the best advice as always.

It was only following her advice that I landed on Cocoona Refine’s website. After reading the impressive information provided on the website, I decided to book an appointment with a renowned cosmetic surgeon here.

This is how I managed to enhance my confidence by improving my appearance with a cosmetic breast augmentation surgery at Cocoona Refine Aesthetic Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab.

What happens in a Breast Augmentation surgery?
A breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast implant surgery, is one of the most popular aesthetic-enhancing cosmetic procedures worldwide today. Thousands of women all over the world undergo choose to place breast implants and improve the size and shape of your breasts for an overall attractive appearance.

Cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona Refine use various different methods and techniques to perform a successful breast augmentation. Depending on individual cases, the cosmetic surgeon may choose to reduce the size of over-large, drooping breasts by adding smaller implants and can also increase the size of abnormally small or asymmetrical breasts as well.

Cosmetic breast augmentation involves using your own fat (autologous fat transfer treatment) or an artificial implant/filler to add volume and improve the shape of your breasts. The breast augmentation surgery is helpful in not only improving the shape of saggy, droopy breasts by adding volume, but it also helps to lift up the breasts higher on your chest to make them naturally perky and youthful.

The cosmetic surgeon carefully closes the incisions using strong sutures. As the incisions are normally made under the breasts, the scars (if any) are well-hidden naturally.

Apart from helping to improve my overall attraction, cosmetic breast augmentation procedure at Cocoona Refine has also helped to boost my confidence and self-esteem immensely. Now I can wear fitting clothes with confidence and comfort.

Why choose Cocoona Refine for Breast Augmentation surgery in India?
Expert cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona Refine in Ludhiana perform hundreds of successful and extremely satisfactory breast augmentation procedures every year. Using the latest cutting edge cosmetic techniques and equipment the highly-skilled cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona Refine in Ludhiana, Punjab have their years of experience to provide you with a beautiful and attractive pair of breasts in the most efficient and affordable manner.