HOW TO CHOOSE MEDICAL SPECIALITY? 1st and most importantly,
Dr. Dhairy Boghani

1st and most importantly, if you love any branch, never think of hardness of way (exam), competition, capacity. Push your limits and go for it. If you decide and commite, if you give more than what you think you can - chances of failure are very less.

Now as a generalised question, I should answer in a flowchart manner which I explains my friends. Answer a few questions and you will get answer.

What do you primarily want in life?


Surgical branches give good amount of money. But surgical specialities are too hectic to payback. Still orthopedics gives best. Dermatology fatches money in huge amount because of long benign course of diseases. Ophthalmology is branch where you can easily earn easy money. Gynecology and pediatrics are altime good. Radiology is a good option too.

Peaceful life

Among clinical branches, Dermatology, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, ENT have relatively less emergencies to handle. Endocrinology, Neurology, Nephrology also have less rushing.


General surgery, ophthalmology, Oncology, OBGY, pediatrics can make you famous more than others. Anaesthesia gives nothing. Neurology, Neurosurgery, Dermatology, Rheumatology have minimal cure rate - so very less fame.


I believe most challenging are Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Oncology, oncosurgery and pediatrics, psychiatry.

Social services

Best is community medicine. But with any branch, you can serve society.


Non-clinicals are best. But if you want to form good doctors for future, choose either general surgery/Medicine and join as a professor.

Easy work

Some work are relatively easy as you get most of generalized case. You can transfer the cases you find hard to treat. (You can still find chalanging if you want!) Dermatology (not much difference in Rx), Pulmonary, ENT, ophthalmology, OBGY, Radiology (In peripheral centre where till no MRI-CT has came, work is relatively easy). Non clinicals are always easier!

Surgical vs Medical branch

Surgical branch - more hard work, more challenge, more money, hectic life, more physical stamina.

Medical - more on the table-chair work, lesser emergencies (except Cardiology/Emergency Medicine).

Branches - find best according to personality!

Non clinical : Not to describe much. 9 to 5 job. No clinic. Easy family life. No being a doctor moments!

Laboratory branches : Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology : Just like Anesthesia, unsung hero. Your good work is never appreciated, but even smallest mistakes can easily make a huge difference! Life is like - Buy instruments and do technical work most of time. No patient contact.

Community Medicine : Mixture of clinical, non-clinical and scientific research oriented branch. If good work is done, can make a positive difference on community health more than any other doctor can!

Orthopedics : Most earning branch. Rushing away whole day. In peripheral centers, easy work, In higher specialist centers, as challenging as other surgicals.

Dermatology : Smoothest work. Easiest money. Rare rare emergency (only 1 syndrome). Knowledge, skills are not that necessary. Only a few cured - least satisfaction.

Radiology : Easy life. Good skills can make a huge positive difference as diagnosis and preoperative plans depends hugely on them. Technical work is more. Minimal patient interactions.

Psychiatry : Hard to cope up branch. But very important for society. Money is average. But humiliation is more like ‘Doctor of mad people.’ Very soft personality most suited.

Pediatrics : As few people say, don't choose just because you like children. Treating a child screaming with pain is not as good as playing with them. Otherwise - very good money, Challenging brach. Fame and Satisfaction are on high side too.

General Medicine / Surgery : All generalised work. Good that you are not limiting yourself but very less chances of mastering in everything. In periphery, good to practice as general physician/Surgeon.

Medical specialities :

Endocrinology : More of a precise thinking and logical reasoning needed.

Neurology : Factual knowledge is most important. Hardest. Less patient satisfaction in long term outcome.

Rheumatology : Multidirectional logical thinking needed. Cure is rare. Less patient satisfaction in long term outcome.

Cardiology : Most beautiful branch who wants to make some difference. Just like surgical, hand skills and timely intervention have high value.

Respiratory and Nephrology : Sharp, precies knowledge and best decision making is needed.

Gastrology : Highest money reward among medical branches. All skills needed.

Infectious disease : Always as risk. Timely intervention and skills have high value.

Surgical specialities :

Neurosurgery : Most challenging. Most hectic - Highest hour of average work. Patient outcome poor. But skills and knowledge have huge place. High money.

Oncosurgery : Most of time planned surgery. No expectations from patient. High money. Again skills and knowledge makes huge difference.

Urosurgery and Gastrosurgery : Better in terms of patient outcome. Good money.

Pediatric surgery : Very very challenging.

Plastic surgery : Rich Surgeon of rich people!

Few Rare specialities are there, but for that, go only if you have deep interest. If so, no need to think 2nd time!

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Dr. a●●●i k●●l Anaesthesiology
Anesthesia branch may not give name fame wealth and other things you mentioned....but ask any anesthesiologist the job satisfaction when you relieve the agony of a patient with severe pain and critical condition.Its not comparable to anything better.
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That' s why I used word ' Unsung hero' .
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