Happy 'World Patient Safety Day' but what about doctor safet
17 September was established as World Patient Safety Day by the 72nd World Health Assembly in May 2019.

On this very first World Patient Safety Day, WHO is prioritizing patient safety as a global health priority and urging patients, healthcare workers, policymakers and health care industry to speak up for safety.

Patient security is definitely the utmost priorities in healthcare but what about the safety of the doctors? Healthcare is an interlocked combination with contribution from different stakeholders, Good doctors can also land up in bad situations. As said by Dr Paulose "Doctors treat, but God heals".

Though doctor safety is compromised because of the much-prevailing violence against them PlexusMD's initiative "United Against Violence" highlights the importance of "Doctor-Violence Protection Bill" drafted by the government.

The suggestions on the bill are currently open. Keeping in mind, the need for this bill, we are conducting a survey for having different views on the bill. So let's unite to eradicate violence against doctors and vote with a sense of urgency.

To contribute, click here: https://pxmd.co/uavn2
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