Health Ministry Issues Advisory for Reuse of Eye-Protection
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Health ministry issued an advisory for re-processing of eye-protection goggles stating "Goggles are crucial components of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits. After the use of PPE Kit, all its components are discarded, as bio-medical waste. However, the goggles conforming to prescribed EN/BIS specifications can be reused after proper disinfection".

"The purpose of this advisory is to enable individuals to reuse goggles used by them thus allowing extended use without risk of contracting the infection".

Standard Operating Procedure:

1. The kitting of the PPEs with goggles will be done away with.

2. All goggles that conform to prescribed EN/BIS specifications will be re-used after disinfection.

3. Reprocessing and reuse of goggles must be done only when it is dedicated to each individual (write name over the band)

4. Reprocessing must be done after every use before using it again.

5. Adhere to manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and disinfection of goggles, wherever available

6. If such instruction is not available, clean, and disinfect the goggles as follows:

• While wearing gloves, clean goggles with soap/detergent and water and then immerse in 1% freshly prepared sodium hypochlorite for 10 minutes.
• Wash/wipe the inside and outside of goggles with clean water to remove residue.
• Air dry completely on a clean flat surface or by hanging in a clean place or use clean tissue papers/gauge to dry it.
• Store it in a paper bag/in a clean area to avoid recontamination.
• Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene.

7. Eye protection must be discarded if damaged/rendered optically non-clear on repeated usage.

Goggles may be issued to each health care worker, who will decontaminate them after every use. Goggles to be disinfected by users and re-used at least five times each, whereby one pair of goggles will suffice for 6 days. They may use them rationally till their transparency decreases or they get damaged. The ratio of the issue of goggles to coverall is recommended at 1:6.

Note: The complete advisory is atatched as pdf.

Source: MoHFW
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