Health Ministry invites applications from medical colleges f
In reference to Medical Council of India’s Amendment Notification enabling medical colleges to seek equal number of PG (MD/MS) seats by surrendering recognized diploma seats in corresponding courses, it has been decided by the
Ministry that as per the above mentioned Notification, applications from medical colleges for increasing PG degree seats for the academic year 2020-21, which are received upto 31st October, 2019 by post or submitted by hand in the Ministry, will be accepted and shall be further processed.

All medical colleges willing to increase PG degree seats by surrendering recognized diploma seats shall submit an application, along with an undertaking of stopping admission in the concerned diploma courses from the academic year 2020-21, to the Ministry by 31st October, 2019. Applications received after the date of 31.10.2019 will not be entertained and shall be returned to the concerned institute.

The willing medical institutes are also requested to enclose with their application, copy of relevant Notification(s) issued in the past by the Ministry associated with recognition of the concerned diploma course(s), to facilitate expeditious processing of the application for forwarding the same to the Board of Governors-Medical Council of India for taking further action.

Source: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare website
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Total how many PG seats are in INDIA.
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