Health Ministry invites public suggestions on draft legislat
The Union Health Ministry has proposed a maximum of 10 years of imprisonment and Rs 10 lakh fine for assaulting a doctor or healthcare personnel under a draft law.

The Ministry has invited suggestions from the public on the draft legislation - The Health Services Personal and Clinical Establishments (Prohibition of violence and damage to property) Bill, 2019. The draft bill is open for suggestion for 30 days.

Under the draft bill, the ministry has proposed to put a person behind bars with a maximum of 10 years of imprisonment and Rs 10 lakh fine for assaulting healthcare personnel.

Healthcare professionals include doctors and para-medical staff and also medical students, diagnostic service providers in a health facility and ambulance drivers.

"Those who will commit violence and cause grievous hurt to any healthcare service personnel, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not be less than three years, which may extend to ten years, and with fine, not less than Rs 2 lakh, which may extend to Rs 10 lakh," the draft law states. The draft bill also provisions for compensation which could be twice the market value of a property damaged and Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for being assaulted or hurt, sources said

According to the draft bill, violence means an act which causes any kind of hurt, intimidation, obstruction or endangers the life of any healthcare service personnel in discharge of duty within the premises of a healthcare facility. Violence also includes damage or loss to property or documents in a clinical establishment.

The legislation is being introduced to address the rise in instances of violence against healthcare service professionals and damage to the property of clinical establishments across the country.

"It has been decided to solicit objections and suggestions from the public with regard to said draft legislation before the finalisation of the draft Bill. The objections/suggestions may be forwarded within 30 days from the date of issue of this notice by email at or to Shri. Rajeev Attri, Under
Secretary (Medical Services Division), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Room No. 514(B), A-Wing, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110011. Only the comments received on the above e-mail/ address and/or within the period of 30 days shall be taken into consideration." says the draft

You can access the draft attached below.

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Dr. S●●●p D●s
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I support non bailable 5 to 10 years with minimum 4 years imprisonment.
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Any doctor/s should not be charged for assault at a hospital against a violent mob .
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