Health Ministry suspends Deputy Drug Controller facing corru
The Ministry of Health has suspended Deputy Drug Controller Naresh Sharma after the CBI arrested him for corruption.

The notification from the government read as follows

"...As informed by CBI, Dr. Naresh Sharma, Dy. Drug Controller (I), CDSCO (Hq), New Delhi has been trapped and taken in custody by them on 16.08.2019 and legal investigation under Cr.No. and Section RC-29/2019 u/s 7 of PC Act, 1988 has been initiated. Accordingly, Dr. Naresh Sharma, DDC (I) has been suspended with immediate effect.

All stakeholders, public and officers shall take cognizance of the fact that CDSCO has the policy of zero tolerance towards corruption and is committed to act stringently against any act of corruption..."

The CBI has booked a Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) inspector and others for allegedly demanding bribe to ignore the deficiency in samples of dobutamine injection produced by an Amritsar-based pharma company. The drug is used to treat acute heart failure.

Those accused in the FIR are inspector Ankur Bansal, Kwality Pharmaceutical Limited managing director Ramesh Arora, its director Ajay Kumar Arora and chief pharmacist Karunakar Tiwari, besides public servants.

The CBI registered the case following a source of information about alleged conspiracy between certain CDSCO officials, working under the Health & Family Welfare Ministry, and owners/representatives of companies manufacturing drugs to manage adverse test results.

Press Release:

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What abt corrupted politicians ?
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It is good start by modi ji against corruption. They must be life sentenced for life saving drugs corruption.
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Dr Danish uns, now that era of corrupt politicians is over. Rajiv Gandhi, the then PM admitted and legalized corruption by admitting that 85\% funds were siphoned off. Now it is Modi ji and 100\% appropriation of public money.
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