Health care managers; Medicos /Non-medicos
Dr. Renuka Kukreja
Health care managers; Medicos /Non-medicos
With a multitude of corporate hospitals, having flourished in Ahmedabad the need for health care managers has increased manifolds. The debate is who can manage better,a Medico or a Non medico manager?
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N●●●●●●●h M●●e
N●●●●●●●h M●●e General Medicine
Medico will always be a better choice. especially a mbbs with hospital management degree.
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Dr. R●●●●a K●●●●●a
Dr. R●●●●a K●●●●●a General Medicine
But the actual question is how many of us doctor will be willing to give up their medical careers for hospital management? We've seen people appearing for four to five times for post grad but not opting for management. Also not many good colleges have a hospital management degree.
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Dr. P●●●●k V●●a
Dr. P●●●●k V●●a Internal Medicine
We can doing hospital management by distance learning
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