Health ministry asks MCI to allow Indians with foreign medic
Union health ministry has sent a new proposal to Medical Council of India (MCI) to allow Indian citizens holding foreign medical degrees to get registered with MCI without undergoing the screening test.

The main aim of this proposal by the government is to overcome the shortage of doctors in the country. However, certain doctor’s associations in the country are opposing to this move as they feel that students with foreign degrees may not be well trained or equally qualified on par with Indian doctors.

At present, India is facing severe shortage of qualified doctors. About 6 lakh doctors are still required to meet the healthcare needs of the country. The existing medical colleges in India are not adequate to generate the required human resources in the medical stream....
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Dr. B●●●I P●●●●●H B●●●●A
Dr. B●●●I P●●●●●H B●●●●A Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
In INDIA itself students passed out are not being recognized by MCI
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Dr. A●●●●●●k P●●●●y
Dr. A●●●●●●k P●●●●y General Surgery
Hopeless and pathetic move...
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Dr. P●●●●●●●●i S●●●●●●●●●●n
Dr. P●●●●●●●●i S●●●●●●●●●●n General Surgery
I am sure,this is to support the kin of a top politician or doctor. Let the govt.ensure that all India trained doctors are employed.
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