Hearing Loss Plagues Cancer Survivors No Matter the Type of
In this study, total of 273 survivors with breast, gastrointestinal, gynaecological or lung cancer completed self-report measures of hearing loss and tinnitus and had an audiometric assessment that obtained pure tone air conduction thresholds bilaterally at frequencies of between 0.25 kHz to 16.0 kHz. Survivor was classified as having hearing loss if at any frequency they scored poorer than the 50th percentile for their age and gender. Survivors were categorized as having tinnitus if they reported that for more than 10% of their time awake, they were consciously aware of their tinnitus. Differences among the chemotherapy groups were evaluated using parametric and non-parametric tests. For most of the demographic and clinical characteristics, no differences were found among the three chemotherapy groups. Occurrence rates for audiogram-confirmed hearing loss ranged from 52.3% to 71.4%. Occurrence rates for tinnitus ranged from 37.1% to 40.0%. No differences were found among the three chemotherapy groups in the occurrence rates or effects of hearing loss and tinnitus. These findings suggest that regardless of the chemotherapy regimen common mechanistic pathway(s) may underlie these two neurotoxicities.

Source: https://spcare.bmj.com/content/early/2022/07/25/spcare-2022-003684