'Heart of Stone': Rare Medical Condition Found During Autops
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In a rare medical case, the doctors at the Goa Medical College found a heart of stone during an autopsy of a 50-year-old man. The rare condition happened due to the calcification of the heart's tissues that virtually turned it into a stone. According to the report, Dr Bharat Sreekumar, a junior doctor at the GMC’s forensic medicine department had conducted the autopsy in July.

However, the identity of the man wasn't known and was found dead in a park in South Goa. The doctors during the dissection of the heart, found that it was stony as the left ventricle showed massive endocardial calcification that caused restrictive cardiomyopathy — a condition wherein the complete filling of ventricles with blood is compromised.

“The heart was so hard as if it were set in a stone. I showed this rare finding to my seniors in the department who suggested that I do a histopathological study on this portion of heart with the help of the GMC’s pathology department,” Sreekumar was quoted as saying.

Histopathology is the microscopic examination of tissue to study the manifestations of a disease. The examination revealed that the man’s heart had turned into a stone due to calcification. It is a similar condition that causes kidney stones. The conclusions of the study were contrary to the assumption that the hardening of the tissues had occurred due to fibrosis.

Endomyocardial fibrosis is a common medical problem in India. The doctor said that he dealt with massive calcification with minimal fibrosis, which is a rare condition. He presented the case the national conference of the India Academy of Forensic Medicine. Sreekumar's paper ‘A Heart Set in Stone’ bagged first prize at the recently concluded conference’s 42nd edition held in Odisha.

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