Herpetic esophagitis in a small child with allergic rhinitis
Herpetic esophagitis (HE) is a common condition in immunosuppressed patients, but a rare entity in immunocompetent patients affecting especially male teenagers and young adults.

Medicine: May 2019 - Volume 98 - Issue 20 - p e15601 presents the case of a 5-year-old male patient, with a history of allergic rhinitis admitted in our clinic for acute onset fever refractory to antipyretics, chest pain, anorexia, refusal of solid food, accepting only small amounts of fluids, odynophagia, and epigastric pain. The clinical exam revealed severe malaise, pallor, decreased skin turgor, abdominal epigastric tenderness, heartburn at palpation within the epigastric area. The laboratory tests showed leukocytosis, monocytosis, hypoglycaemia, and elevated inflammatory biomarkers.

Acyclovir therapy with an outstandingly favorable evolution was initiated. acyclovir therapy with an outstandingly favorable evolution.

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