Heterotopic Pregnancy with Intrauterine Device: A Typical Ca
A 25-year-old G2P1 woman was admitted to local township hospital emergency department with sudden abdominal pain lasted an hour. The patient had painful and anemic appearance. Upon physical examination, vital signs were within normal limit, and lower abdominal tenderness especially on the left side was tested. Upon gynecological examination, a 2 cm diameter mass of left adnexa with tenderness was touched; 1 ml non-clotting blood was drawn off by posterior vaginal fornix puncture. Blood test showed hemoglobin level is 88 g/L, red blood cell count is 2.8×109/L and white blood cell count is l2.6×1012/L. Trans-abdominal ultrasound showed a left adnexal mass (3×2 cm) and uterine rectum fossa effusion (18 mm deep) with strong spot...

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