Hey Doctor, What is your #10YearChallenge Story??
With the #10YearChallenge flooding every social media site, we too decided to jump on to the bandwagon (because why not?).

It is now time to share your versions of the #10YearChallenge in a Doctor's life. Post your stories in the comment section below and the most interesting one will win an exciting gift!!

Let your creativity roll......! #GoForIt

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Dr. V●●●●a  R●●●n
Dr. V●●●●a R●●●n Ophthalmology
Working in a medical college in Tanzania
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Dr. P●●●●i C●●●●●●l
Dr. P●●●●i C●●●●●●l Dentistry
Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful journey of 10 years Dr. Vishwa :) We wish you the best for your upcoming endeavors!! How has your tenure in Tanzania been so far? We' d surely like to know more...
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Dr. N●●●●●●●●●i M●●●●●●●●n
Dr. N●●●●●●●●●i M●●●●●●●●n Paediatric Critical Care Medicine
2009 to2019... a very big journey of hurdles , hikes and likes of crossing seven seas and mountains, atlast to the world of kids and elders.
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