Hi everyone Regards: Drs in India Greetings of the day. As
Hi everyone
Regards: Drs in India

Greetings of the day.
As regards self respect to our country I want you to stop šŸ›‘ all doctors registered in India to work in any foreign country. Work for poor in India. No Passport issued unless emergency.

Registration fees and CME and other services should be made online and avoid wastage of time of working doctors.

A website dedicated should allow for entry of data of every doctor Registered in India with required CPD.

Every licensed doctor need not take license to start a Hospital or Practices. Government should provide full financial support by Medicare with full subsidy of funds to treat patients and doctors income substantially.

Doctors should be provided with self defence instruments uat all times. They self defend their own life with instruments or any defence like police and be fully licensed to enact.

Doctors should be fully Empowered to do their job fully without fear.

Counselling be given by a caring Medical Council where necessary to keep doctors happy.
Only standard hours of work be allowed for doctors for doctoring in order to avoid mistakes.

Medical councils are subservient to Doctors. And should be available to counselling them. Only non medical members can execute this as doctors have egos going on on and are punitive and have joined with pharmaceutical and businessmen and have proven corrupt under pololitical pressure.

Doctors completing MBBS be given Title as MD for all existing doctors to boost their morale.
All arbitrary conflicts of MD MS DIPLOMAS DNBS need not be displayed but training certificate can be added for teaching in AIIMS etc.

Only teaching grades or Specialist grades be made irrespective qualifications and posted according to experience of effiency.

Counselling be taken to train doctors and healthcare professionals to treat in humane way.

No foreign training allowed instead will learn within India.

Law should be rewritten whether NMC OR MCI IMMEDIATELY.
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