High Court Stays order for FIR Against Doctor Who Recommende
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Patna: High Court stayed the order of a District Magistrate directing registration of FIR and initiation of departmental proceeding against a Doctor who recommended home quarantine to an asymptomatic Covid suspect.

Facts of the case:

• Doctor was in charge of the quarantine center and has recommended home quarantine to Lalbabu Mahto, who was asymptomatic at the time of taking a sample.

• Subsequently, the District Collector issued a letter directing registration of an FIR against the doctor. The collector also refereed a proposal for suspension of the Doctor's disciplinary authority.

• It was the case of Petitioner (doctor) that the impugned order was unwarranted as the doctor has acted in compliance with guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on May 10, 2020, where it was stated that if a person whose sample is taken appears a very mild/pre-symptomatic cases, such person should be allowed to home quarantine.

• Concurring the submission, the court granted a temporary relief of stay and posted the matter for consideration on June 25.

Note: The case file is attached as pdf.

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Source: https://www.livelaw.in/news-updates/patna-hc-stays-order-for-registration-of-fir-against-medical-officer-for-recommending-home-quarantine-to-asymptomatic-covid-suspect-read-order-157874
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This case must be read in depth. What would prompt such a serious action against a Doctor ? This is a matter of grave concern. Counter charges and same actions need to be taken against the complaining authority.
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