High Prevelance Of AKI In Patients Presenting With Dengue Fe
This one-year hospital-based cross-sectional study was performed. A total of 120 eligible patients with DI were enrolled. These patients were evaluated for AKI based on acute kidney injury network (AKIN) criteria. The majority of the patients were males 57.5% and the male to female ratio was 1.35:1. Most of the patients were aged between 31 and 50 years (40.8%) and the mean age was 42.23 ± 16.28 years. The majority of the patients (72.5%) had DF, 13.3% of the patients had dengue fever with warning signs and 14.2% of the patients had severe dengue. The prevalence of AKI was 27.5% in patients with dengue fever. Other than AKI, Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) (11.7%), Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) (3.3%), and sepsis (0.8%) were the complications noted. The majority of the patients (83.3%) improved and were discharged and mortality was noted in 16.7% of the patients. Also, significant differences were noted in patients with and without AKI.

Source: https://www.japi.org/x2c4a444/acute-kidney-injury-in-dengue-fever-a-one-year-hospital-based-prospective-cross-sectional-study