High-intensity laser therapy Vs TENS therapy in patients wit
The research presents that high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) with pulsed Nd: YAG laser is more effective than transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy in patients with TMJ disc displacement with reduction(DDWR).

The aim of the study was to investigate and compare the effects of HILT and TENS therapy on the treatment of patients with TMJ disc displacement with reduction(DDWR).

Researchers conducted a prospective, single-blind, controlled clinical trial on patients with TMJ disc disease. One hundred two patients were randomized into 3 groups (HILT, TENS, and control group). The patients were evaluated in terms of maximum mouth opening(MMO), assisted MMO, VAS (pain), and VAS (function). In addition, the disability status of the patients with the Jaw Functional Limitation Scale-20 (JFLS-20) and the quality of life with the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14) was evaluated.

- Significant improvements were seen in pain(VAS), MMO, total JFLS-20, and total OHIP-14 scores in the HILT and TENS groups compared to the control group.

- At week 4, the VAS pain score decreased significantly in the HILT group compared to the TENS group, while the MMO was significantly increased.

- In addition, there was a significant improvement in both the total JFLS-20 score and the total OHIP-14 score at weeks 4 and 12 in the HILT group compared to the TENS group.

It was observed that the healing effect of pulsed Nd: YAG laser therapy was significantly higher than TENS in patients with DDWR. Therefore, HILT should be a priority option over TENS therapy in patients with disc displacement.

Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Source: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.joms.2021.07.014
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