Hinting at pilferage, Maharashtra govt limits oxygen use for
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In an internal audit, the Maharashtra government has found that it has thrice the number of Covid-19 patients on oxygen support than the national average, indicating a tendency to put patients, including those who are moderately or mildly ill, on oxygen at times for more duration than necessary.

On September 18, state Health Secretary Dr Pradeep Vyas wrote to all districts raising “serious concerns over the quantum of oxygen being used in Maharashtra per day”.

“There may be a tendency on the part of private hospitals to put patients on oxygen for duration more than necessary, maybe for commercial reasons. We need to monitor such activities scrupulously,” the letter by Vyas said.

The health department has now directed hospitals to not use more than 7 litres per minute of oxygen per patient in normal wards and 12 litres per minute in intensive care units (ICU) per patient apart from foxing pipeline leaks.

Data from the Union health ministry suggest that in Maharashtra, 15 per cent of active patients – three times the national average – are on oxygen support. The excessive use of oxygen for Covid-19 patients may exhaust the state’s supply soon, the official added.

The decision has, however, not gone down well with private doctors.

Dr Jignesh Thakkar, a radiologist from Mumbai, said that patients may require more than 12 litres of oxygen per minute if they are critical. “Are we supposed to call local authorities if a patient needs more oxygen? If there is pilferage, patients should not be made to suffer,” he added.

Private doctors said critical patients can require 30 litres to 60 litres of oxygen per minute if high flow nasal cannula is used.

According to pulmonologist Dr Jalil Parkar, oxygen requirement varies from patient to patient and rationing is not possible.

“This is absurd to fix oxygen capacity. A physician should be allowed to decide on the treatment process. We do not indulge in any malpractice or sell oxygen that such a direction had to be issued.”

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/mumbai/hinting-at-pilferage-maharashtra-govt-limits-oxygen-use-for-covid-patients-6604058/
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