Home Ministry issues guidelines on Lockdown 2.0
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The ministry of home affairs issued fresh guidelines for enforcing the second phase of the coronavirus lockdown which will continue to remain in force till May 3.

List of activities allowed after April 20:

- All health services (including AYUSH) to remain functional
- Authorised private establishments, which support the provisioning of essential services, or efforts for containment of COVID-19.
- All agricultural and horticultural activities to remain fully functional.
- Operations of the fishing (marine and inland)/ aquaculture industry
- Operations of tea, coffee and rubber plantations, with maximum of 50% workers
- Collection, processing, distribution and sale of milk and milk products by milk processing plants, including transport and supply chain.
- Operation of animal husbandry farms including poultry farms & hatcheries and livestock farming activity.
- Animal feed manufacturing and feed plants, including supply of raw material
- Operation of animal shelter homes, including Gaushalas.
- Bank branches and ATMs, IT vendors for banking operations
- Operation of homes for children/ disabled/ mentally challenged/ senior citizens/ destitutes/ women/ widows.
- Disbursement of social security pensions pension and provident fund services provided by EPFO.... and more

List of activities not allowed till May 3:

- All domestic and international air travel of passengers, except for medical reasons and for security purposes.
- All passenger movement by trains, except for security purposes.
- Buses for public transport.
- Metro rail services.
- Inter-district and inter-State movement of individuals except for medical reasons or for activities permitted under these guidelines.
- All educational, training, coaching institutions, etc. shall remain closed.
- All industrial and commercial activities other than those specifically permitted under these guidelines.
- Hospitality services other than those specifically permitted under these guidelines.
- Taxis (including auto-rickshaws and cycle rickshaws) and services of cab aggregators.
- All cinema halls, malls, shopping complexes, gymnasiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls and similar places.
- All social/ political/ sports/ entertainment/ academic cultural/ religious functions/ other gatherings.
- All religious places/ places of worship shall be closed for the public. Religious congregations are strictly prohibited.
- In the case of funerals, a congregation of more than twenty persons will not be permitted.

Note: Complete MHA guideline is attached as pdf.
Source: Ministry of Home Affairs
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Nice information ?
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i
Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
I just came across a news article that Bihar govt has banned spitting in public places and has made it illegal. What a great news for people who hate spitting activities of the tobacco & paan chewers/eaters/users. Please use this COVID situation to ban this nuisance forever all across the nation; it is worth making it a punishable offence WHEN DONE IN PUBLIC; and yes, the punishment should not be a mere fine of Rs 200/- as for cigarette smoking in public. It (the punishment) deserves to be more.... Read more
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i
Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
There are no studies, at least to my knowledge, of drug interactions between AYUSH drugs (particularly ayurvedic & homeopathic drugs) with drugs of modern medicine. This is important even from medicolegal angle in COVID deaths, not just for treating patients. My advice: treat the patients with only one system of medicine either modern medicine or ayurvedic or homeopathic or whatever. Don' t mix. It is difficult to fix responsibility also, in case medicolegal issues in COVID deaths crop up. This is not the time to try ayurvedic or homeopathic medicines in patients, particularly COVID19 cases, that too without studies on drug interactions.... Read more
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