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The Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued a fresh set of guidelines for the third phase of nationwide lockdown on May 1, which will remain in effect for two weeks from May 4.

Based on risk profiling, the area will be classified as Red (hotspot), Green, and Orange Zones. Considerable relaxations are permitted in Green and Orange Zones.

• Travel by air, rail, metro and inter-state movement by road, running of schools, colleges and other institutions will remain prohibited throughout India till May 17 irrespective of the zone. Further, hospitality services, including hotels and restaurants, cinema halls, malls, gyms, sports complexes will also remain closed. All non-essential movement to also remain prohibited between 7 pm to 7 am.

• In Red zones, outside the Containment zones, certain activities are prohibited in addition to those prohibited throughout the country. These are: plying of cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws, running of taxis and cab aggregators, intra-district and inter-district plying of buses, and, barber shops, spas and salons. Few activities have been allowed in the Red zones with restrictions.

• In the Orange zones, in addition to activities permitted in Red zones, taxis and cab aggregators will be permitted with 1 driver and 1 passenger only. Inter-district movement of individuals and vehicles will be allowed for permitted activities only. Four wheeler vehicles will have a maximum of two passengers besides the driver and pillion riding will be allowed on two-wheelers.

• In the Green zones, all activities are permitted except the limited number of activities that are prohibited throughout the country, irrespective of the zone. However, buses can operate with up to 50% seating capacity and bus depots can operate with up to 50% capacity.

Note: This is a brief compilation of guidelines issued by MHA. The complete guideline is attached as pdf.

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