Homoeopathic Treatment of Cold Cough Coryza When we think
Dr. Ruchita Bambhaniya
Homoeopathic Treatment of Cold Cough Coryza

When we think about Homoepathy always one thing came in mind. Long Lasting Treatment and slow effect. But it's not fact. Homoepathy can give also best results in cold coryza and other acute complaints also.

When we choose homoepathic treatment we choose better immunity and less recurance. Even Some Homoepathic medicine works faster than Antibiotics.

Cold Cough Coryza is nothing but the first line defence mechanism of our body by causing rhinitis and acute inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Homoepathic Remedies

1.Ars Alb
Coryza after taking cold food or drink. Profuse watery discharge from nose with burning sore throat and thirst for small quantity of cold water frequently.

2.Allium Cepa
Profuse watery discharge which is acrid and corodes the upper lip area and watering from the eyes. There's inverse of allium Cepa is Euphracia as bland nasal discharge and acrid watery lachrymation

Dry Coryza due to change of weather. Running nose with feverish feeling. Worse by getting wet or by living in damp basement.

4.Rhus tox
Coryza after getting wet in cold water. With stiffness and aching pain in joints

It's specific remedy for the ripe cold. Yellowish discharge from nose and slight coughing with yellow thick expectoration. Thirstlessness is the key symptom of the remedy.

6.Kali Bich
Stringy watery discharge form nose with coughing. Which may lead to pain in pointed area.

This is the best remedy at the onset, but this stage is generally passed without treatment. The patient at the earlier statge is feverish with dry ness and tingling in the nostrils. Restlessness.

8.Natrum Mur
Watery transparant discharge from nose with loss of taste and smell.

9.Nux Vomica
Coryza every morning with frequent sneezing and agg in close room better in open air. Blockage of nose frequently.

10. Psorinum
It can be given in chronic coryza which is agg by dust or any odor to the person frequently catch cold easily.

NOTE :- Homoeopathic medicine can only be given after individualisation of the case which can completely cure the patient and cut the tendency to recurrence which provides innermost immunity and avoid occurrence of any other disease in the body.


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