How Phones Can Alert You To Covid-19 Exposure?
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Apple and Google co-created exposure notification technology to alert phone users if they spent time near someone who tests positive for the. It's built with tight privacy restrictions to maintain users' anonymity, but the tech companies have left it to each state's public health authority to decide whether to use it.

The technology relies on Bluetooth short-range radio signals to detect when two phones are in close proximity for long enough for someone to likely transmit the virus. When one person tests positive for the virus, and state health workers verify the diagnosis, others who recently spent time near the infected person get an automatic alert.

IPhone users will have to adjust their phone settings to consent to the tracking, on the other hand android users must download an app that Google has automatically generated for the region's public health agency. Its functional in Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland and Washington and Washington, D.C.

In other places, public health agencies have custom-built exposure notification apps that can be found in the Apple and Google Play app stores. If you travel between the places where the technology is activated, it won't matter if there is home state's app. It will still track the information.

Guam officials said they were advised to get 60% of the island territory's adult population using the app for it to be effective but it's rare for even the best-known consumer apps to get that kind of reach.

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