How covid-19 is accelerating the threat of antimicrobial res
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The global threat of antimicrobial resistant bacteria and other superbugs is worsening as many patients admitted to hospital with covid-19 receive antibiotics to keep secondary bacterial infections in check. Since the emergence of covid-19, collected data have shown an increase in antibiotic use, even though most of the initial illnesses being treated have been from covid-19 viral infection, The resulting increased exposure to healthcare settings and invasive procedures, along with expanded antibiotic use, amplifies the opportunity for resistant pathogens to emerge and spread.

Recommended use:
- The WHO discourages the use of antibiotics for mild cases of covid-19. Early data on patients with covid-19 suggest only a minority have bacterial coinfections.
- Some experts worry that the pandemic’s strain on healthcare systems may disrupt antibiotic stewardship programmes designed to help hospitals minimise the risk of AMR.

Dangerous Hype:
- Another risk of antibiotic misuse comes from premature hype surrounding possible therapies for covid-19.
- Notably, some media reports and political leaders amplified the possible use of the antibiotic azithromycin in combination with the drug hydroxychloroquine, which likely contributed to shortages of both drugs despite the lack of clinical evidence for their effectiveness.

The huge shift towards telehealth consultations during the pandemic could also exacerbate antibiotic overprescribing.

Resource gone: On top of everything, Nigerian public officials currently have their hands full with both the local covid-19 outbreak and an ongoing Lassa fever outbreak. “But the reality is that emergencies will draw resources and the pinches will be felt pretty quickly when overall resources are few”,researchers say.

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