How different cystoscopy methods influence patient sexual sa
Bladder cancer (BC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide. BC diagnosis and surveillance is based on cystoscopy (CS). CS impact on patient' s depression, anxiety, and sexual satisfaction (SS) is not sufficiently studied. There are no data on patient' s comfort with flexible or rigid CS.

We prospectively evaluated pain perception (PP), depression, anxiety, and SS of 100 male patients who previously underwent at least one rigid CS in our department as surveillance after TURB procedure due to non-muscle-invasive BC and were scheduled for the next CS examination. The patients were randomized for flexible or rigid CS. Before CS, patients described their recalled rigid CS-related pain by NRS and fulfilled HADS and SS questionnaires. After CS, PP was re-evaluated immediately and HADS and SS within 7-10 days following the CS.