How medical interns saved a life using only a pen and newspa
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You can always trust a doctor to save a life even without a medical kit. How, you ask? Well, let Dr Savitri Devi and Dr Faizah Anjum, from Hyderabad show you, when they came across a highly critical patient three years back.

The year was 2016, a mini-bus echoed with laughter and song of doctors and interns returning from a Sunday evening trek before it stopped at a roadside eatery. All the doctors stepped out to stretch and walk into a hotel, but the two interns had stayed inside the bus for resting.

“It was 7 p.m., as the other doctors went into the restaurant we were resting when the driver said he would move the bus as there was an accident. We rushed there and waded through the crowd to see the victim lying on the road near the divider. He had feeble pulse and his pupils were dilated and we got to work,” said Dr Faizah Anjum.

The accident victim was a 30-your-old man, who while running on the road, slammed onto an onrushing RTC bus and fell aside near the divider. With no medical kit on them, the doctors found the only two instruments available at hand - a pen and a newspaper.

“We started work on him right there without moving him on the road itself,” said Dr. Savitri.

“We kept a pen to keep his tongue from blocking the air passage. While Savitri used the newspaper to blow air into his lungs, I kept working on his chest for the CPR. After about 20 minutes, the patient came to his senses and started breathing on his own and even started screaming. Then the ambulance came and we gave him an IV drip before he was taken to the tertiary care centre of Osmania General Hospital,” said Faizah.

So, how does it feel to have saved a life? “It gives a sense of satisfaction and purpose,” said Savitri Devi.

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Well done Bravehearts ?
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Good job, used the available resources with presence of mind, not panicked, no wastage of time for getting any help from others, do by themselves whatever they can, bravo girls, hat' s off to you. ?
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And then these people reward us by hitting nd abusing us?anyways great work drs??
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