How the pandemic and social distancing have changed our perc
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Social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic brought several modifications to our daily lives. With these changes, some people have reported alterations in their feelings of how fast time was passing. In this study, they assessed whether and how social distancing and the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced participants’ time awareness and production of time intervals. Participants (n = 3855) filled in the first questionnaire approximately 60 days after the start of social distancing in Brazil and weekly questionnaires for 15 weeks during social distancing. Our results indicate that time was perceived as expanded at the beginning, but this feeling decreased across the weeks. Time awareness was strongly associated with psychological factors such as loneliness, stress, and positive emotions, but not with time production. This relation was shown between participants and within their longitudinal reports. Together, the findings show how emotions are a crucial aspect of how time is felt.