How to prepare for neet pg, what should marrow, prepladder
manu sharma
How to prepare for neet pg, what should marrow, prepladder or dams.
Dr. F●●●●n K●●n
Dr. F●●●●n K●●n General Medicine
Look anything and everything is going to be time consuming. But the best way to approach this exam is not only mug up everything but also understand a bit. Marrow will be time consuming but because you will be in a practice of solving questions from day 1 + reviewing the theory part of it side by side. U ll see that by the end you would have already gone through that theory a few times. Its the best approach to take most of the mcq exams who have study platforms like marrow. I suggest marrow because it is a good study platform.... Read more
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Dr. A●●●●●a K●●●●r
Dr. A●●●●●a K●●●●r General Medicine
You should follow Dr. Khan’s advice regarding building concepts and question from Marrow. In addition refer to articles (uptodate or pubmed) for new concepts. If any concept or topic is totally unknown , go for USMLE videos to clear the doubts. Prepare well for first two year subjects as they will be the make or break factor between you and your colleagues.
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M●●u s●●●●a
m●●u s●●●●a General Medicine
Thank you so much for your advice 🙏 it is very helpful
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