How you can bring your circadian rhythm back on track?
Owing to stressful lives, long working hours and the need to feel gratified by technology, we end up spending a big chunk of our sleeping time staring at screens, resulting in reduced sleep and an overall unhealthy life. In the long run, it can become a stressor and cause many health issues like hormonal imbalance, mood swings, fatigue, heart issues, among others.

All of us have a “biological clock” that is “able to adjust our biological rhythm to our environment”. This is the circadian rhythm, and some people mess up the clock by “staying up late, working on computers or smartphones, rarely getting outdoors or exercising, eating processed foods, going on drinking or food binges in the late-night hours, and drinking large volumes of caffeine to stay awake. Some people have an unhealthy circadian rhythm born of poor habits or biological differences. Changing your biological clock for the benefit of your health may take time and perseverance, but you can easily do it.

The circadian rhythm tells your body when to get up and get out of bed, sleep, eat and even ovulate. Among the ways to optimize the internal clock for better health include:

# Getting sunlight exposure on a daily basis.
# Maintaining proper sleep hygiene.
# Dealing with stress in a positive way, such as by meditation, breathwork, mindful walks in nature and exercising.
# Eating at regular intervals.