Huge aneurysmal bone cyst secondary to giant cell tumor of t
Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) secondary to Giant Cell Tumor of bone (GCT) is a rare lesion, of which the incidence is about 0.011 to 0.053 per 100,000 every year. There are only a few previous case reports, and most of them occur in the spine, long bones or flat bones.

Here reported one case of a patient who complained of “progressive enlargement of the mass on the right-hand fifth finger for 5 years with ulceration for 6 months”. After the imaging examination in our hospital, it was diagnosed as a “huge bone tumor on the proximal phalanx of the right-hand fifth finger”, then wide excision and amputation of the fifth finger were made. The pathological examination diagnosed the mass as aneurysmal bone cyst secondary to giant cell tumor, 13 × 8 × 6 cm3, with no local infiltration observed. No recurrence and metastasis occurred 18 months after the operation, and the patient recovered well.

In summary, medical history and imaging examination are the main methods to identify the ABC secondary to GCT. The pathological examination is the gold standard. The surgical method should be determined according to the state of the bone giant cell tumor. This paper reports a rare case of ABC secondary to GCT on the phalanx, hoping to provide experience for early diagnosis and treatment.

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