Hyd Scientists Develop Kit To Diagnose Hepatitis C In 30 Mi
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Researchers in Hyderabad has developed a diagnostic kit that uses gold nanoparticles to diagnose hepatitis C infection in 30 minutes. The method can also be extended to diagnose several killer viral ailments like Covid-19, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), HIV and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

The method helps in early-stage detection, thus preventing pathogen from causing extensive damage to the body. One can detect viral load as small as 100 IU mL . This method is better than the gold standard RT-qPCR tests as that takes minimum of four hours,” said Dr Khaja, adding how there’re mainly two methods to detect viral load of hepatitis C — serological tests to find viral antigens using assay methods like ELISA and molecular methods through RT-qPCR.

The method based on gold nanoparticles is inexpensive unlike other methods available. Dr Khaja, who heads Bioviz Technologies that funded the research project, said antiviral drugs can cure over 95% of hepatitis C virus (HCV) cases if timely treatment is given.

“The new method is a rapid and cost-effective detection assay that can be used even in resource-limited settings for mass level screening,” he said. The assay exhibited 100% sensitivity and specificity with 88 samples.

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What maybe the cost of this test?
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