Hydatid cyst involving Right Pectoralis Major Muscle: A case
A female patient, 35 years of age, presented to the outpatient department with the chief complaints of a painless cystic swelling over the right lateral upper chest area 3 cm below the clavicle for the last 2 and a half years. According to the patient, the swelling was initially small but gradually increased in size over the mentioned course of period. The patient denied any history of pain, fever or any trauma. Her family, drug, or psychosocial history including smoking status was unremarkable. On examination, there was a 6 x 8 cm soft non-tender cystic swelling at the right upper chest region. The overlying skin was intact. Initial investigations were normal. On further work up, a computed tomography scan of the chest demonstrated a multiseptated hypodense cystic lesion in the right pectoralis major muscle with no intralesional calcification and no intrathoracic extension

Surgery was planned and was performed by the consultant. Per-op finding revealed a 6 x 7 cm hydatid cyst in the right pectoralis major muscle with multiple daughter cysts

Under general anesthesia, she underwent excision of the cyst that was followed by wash of the cavity with hypertonic saline. A suction drain was placed and removed after a period of 24 h. The patient made an uneventful recovery post-operatively and stayed in the unit for a day. She was put on oral course of tablet albendazole and was sent home the next day. On 6 months follow up, the patient was doing well and had no complaints or any recurrence.

Source: International Journal of Surgery Case reports

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