Hydatid cyst of the calf presenting as painless mass: A case
Hydatid disease is a zoonotic disease that is transmitted to the human by ingesting the eggs of the parasite Echinococcus granulosus, it most commonly affects the liver but every organ could be affected, musculoskeletal system involvement occurs in 0.5–4% of patients. Most patients present as soft tissue mass in the affected muscle.

International Journal of Surgery case reports present a 60-year-old lady presented with painless mass in the right calf for 2 years.

The mass was soft, non-tender, mobile from side to side. Ultrasound of the mass showed cystic lesion that contained multiple small cysts inside, and the diagnosis of hydatid disease was made before surgery. During surgery and after opening the mass the lesion appeared to be hydatid cyst containing innumerable daughter cysts. Complete evacuation of the all the daughter cysts done. The patient discharged next day with no postoperative complications.

The patient received postoperative albendazole therapy for 2 months and follow up done 6 months after surgery with no complications.

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