Hydatidosis of infratemporal fossa with proptosis
Published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, the authors present a case of a 65-year-old woman with painless proptosis of her left eyeball of 2 months’ duration with recent progressive diminution of vision for 15 days.

Radiological findings showed a cystic mass in the left infratemporal fossa extending into the left orbit and involving the surrounding orbital bone. Surgical removal was carried out. On histopathological evaluation, it was reported as hydatid cyst infiltrating into the bone.

She was prescribed albendazole and discharged after surgery. However, she was lost to follow up and returned after 15 months with recurrence and proptosis of the same eye. Repeat excision of the lesion was carried out and postoperatively she was administered tablet albendazole. She was found to be disease free after 6 months of follow up.

Learning Points:-
-Clinical and radiological findings are important but may not be sufficient in the preoperative diagnosis of hydatid disease especially if rare sites are involved.

- Proptosis may be seen in several conditions and orbital or infratemporal hydatidosis, although rare, should be considered a differential diagnosis.

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