Hyderabad Dr sets world record for having 33 Ph.D's after MB
A doctor from Hyderabad, S Satyanarayana has set a new Guinness record with 33 doctorates in various subjects which include 22 Ph.D's, six doctor of literature, five in doctor of sciences, spirituality, Astrology, General and Clinical psychology, medical sciences, alternative medicine, yoga and spirituality, psychology, yoga awareness, medical astrology, public health and preventive medicine, therapeutic psychology, health and sciences.

It is the third time, Satyanarayana has set the Guinness record. In January 2016, he created a record by publishing 72 books in a year. On August 28, 2016, he entered the Guinness Book for the second time for authoring 125 books between 2006 and 2012.

Satyanarayana has done MBBS in Guntur and has conducted research on various topics. He was accorded the doctorates from 25 universities. He also offers free medical check-ups to the people at Malkajgiri.

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