Hyperactive Bladder Syndrome or Urotherlial Carcinoma?
The following case has been reported in the International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology. In this case report, an atypical presentation of bladder cancer is shown, simulating the symptomatology of a Hyperactive Bladder Syndrome.

A 39-yr-old female came with urinary frequency onset of 20 times a day with nocturia of 2 times. Urinary incontinence of urgency 2 times a week with loss in small jet of 6 months of evolution. In addition to irritative symptoms and feeling of incomplete emptying. It refers postvoid drip. Therefore, the clinical diagnosis of overactive bladder was integrated.

No evidence of microscopic hematuria was seen on general urine test. Urotomography with contrast revealed a distended bladder. In the right iliac chain, ganglionic growth of 11 mm of short axis is observed, which reinforced significantly after the application of intravenous contrast medium.

Biopsy revealed malignant neoplastic lesion formed by papillae of variable size, are lined by transitional aspect epithelium with disorganization of architecture, shows loss of polarity with atypical mitosis throughout the thickness of the epithelium, the nucleus is ovoid with atypia of moderate degree.

A diagnosis of high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma, without infiltration to the muscularis propria was established.

Without being able to resect the tumor in its entirety due to its large volume and depth that caused significant trans operative bleeding. The plan was to continue is to perform radical cystectomy, currently the patient carries transurethral catheter until the next surgical time.

Read in detail about the case here: https://pxmd.co/IEwFd