Hypercalcemia with osteolytic lesions: a rare presentation l
Osteolytic bone lesions and hypercalcemia without peripheral blasts B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) are reported in children but rarely seen in adults.

Published in the Journal of Hematology, the authors describe two patients with B-ALL presenting with hypercalcemia and symptomatic osteolytic bone lesions. They were treated by standard induction chemotherapy after correction of hypercalcemia with supportive measures.

Case series highlights:-
• With this two case reports the authors emphasize the importance of clinical awareness of hypercalcemia and osteolytic bone lesions as rare presentations of ALL.

• The prognostic implication of bone lesions and hypercalcemia in ALL is unclear and needs to be verified in large prospective studies.

• However, immediate recognition and treatment of hypercalcemia and the underlying B-ALL are vital since a delay of diagnosis poses a possible life-threatening risk.

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