Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: A review
The present article has been published recently in the Indian Journal of Anesthesia.

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) remain among the most significant and intriguing unsolved problems in obstetrics. In India, the prevalence of HDP was 7.8% with pre-eclampsia in 5.4% of the study population. The anaesthetic problems in HDP may be due to the effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, neurologic, renal, haematologic, hepatic and uteroplacental systems.

The basic management objectives should be facilitating the birth of an infant who subsequently thrives and completes restoration of health to the mother, or the termination of pregnancy with the least possible trauma to mother and foetus in severe pre-eclampsia.

This comprises obstetric management, adequate foetal surveillance, antihypertensive management, anticonvulsant therapy, safe analgesia for labour and management of anaesthesia for delivery.

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