'I Failed My Family': Doctor's heart breaking note after tes
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Recently, a doctor, who had tested positive for the deadly virus, penned a heart-touching note after he exposed his family to it and how the infection made him feel guilty.

Shared on the Facebook page, the doctor said even after the pandemic broke out, he continued to treat his patients and followed all precautions. Yet, he ended up getting infected with the virus.

“On March 18th, I got a fever. I’d seen it coming, but when my wife got a fever too, I was worried. We both started medication – she got better, but my condition worsened. I shivered all night, lost my appetite, and started burning up. So I got myself tested- and it was positive,” wrote the doctor.

Talking about the guilt, he felt after exposing his family to the novel coronavirus, he said, “I asked to get herself and our daughter tested. The next day, I saw them in the COVID Ward– that broke me. I felt so guilty. As a doctor, I’d done everything in my power to help my patients, but I felt like I’d failed my own family,” read the post.

The post then said within a week, the doctor and his daughter successfully beat the virus and both were discharged from the hospital. However, his wife got tested positive for the second and third time.

Describing the time away from his wife, the medic said he was restless and couldn’t wait to see her. Finally, his wife was discharged after the fourth attempt.

Source: https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/i-failed-my-family-doctors-emotional-post-after-testing-covid-19-positive-is-heartbreaking-2640119.html
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Its so important for doctors n other medical staff dealing with covid + patients to get regularly tested,for me on a weekly basis n perform self isolation as a preventive measure before they exhibit any clinical symptoms to protect their families
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It is a good note for Dr. to understand to learn it.
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Good note All Doctors please take precaution and caution.
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