I am Nephrologist involved various invasive intervention lik
Saurin Dalal
I am Nephrologist involved various invasive intervention like dialysis catheter insertion ,renal biopsy. I am enrolled under professional protection scheme by IMA. my question WHAT IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PPS SCHEME BY IMA AND MEDICAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE BY INSURANCE COMPANY? SHOULD WE TAKE BOTH
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Dr. U●●●n D●●●v
Dr. U●●●n D●●●v Internal Medicine
Legally speaking there is not much difference. Technically, out of court settlements are much frequent with IMA scheme which puts a full stop on the anxiety of the involved doctor. Lawyers involved in IMA scheme are working on these issues very regularly and so are more conversant. However, cover by IMA is too small looking the amount of claims going on these days and the judgements are retrospective so add to it the interest on litigation amount. So one always needs a top up cover which may be provided by private insurance companies. They are ready to persue the issue to the highest courts as they can not afford preceedence so the cases run longer. Their intention is to increase the burden of time and money on lirigant. This may add to anxiety of doctor... Read more
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S●●●●n D●●●l Nephrology
Thanks for reply
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Dr. M●●●●●v D●●●i
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Agreed fully with Dr. Dhruv. Moreover, now that the Government has proposed to increase the limits of compensation appeal to Consumer Courts to much higher amount, we will expect claims in lakhs and crores even in District and State level Consumer courts
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