I am a first year pg in ophthalmology . It is said that we h
Dr. Anureet kaur
I am a first year pg in ophthalmology . It is said that we have to read specific topics from many books . M confused about the same if anyone could please guide me
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Dr. S●●●●i D●●●i
Dr. S●●●●i D●●●i Ophthalmology
What I used to do was..read one particular topic from multiple books and from all book gather information at one place which will be your base for that particular section for ex for cornea krachmer was the base book but I had also read kanski/parson for the same, yanoff for retina, Becker Shaffer and jakobeic for glaucoma...as first year start with kanski..
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Dr. W●●i A●●●●i
Dr. W●●i A●●●●i Ophthalmology
Read yanoff and articles and then kanski and add the extra info in kanski and revise again only with kanski.
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Dr. S●●●●n G●●●●●●●●r
Dr. S●●●●n G●●●●●●●●r Ophthalmology
For clinical pictures, Kanski. For start up theory, Parson. As advancing further, BCSC of AAO can be useful further especially when yu r looking for subspecialities like cornea glaucoma. Follow at least 1 journal..i would suggest IJO.
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