I don't mean to brag or show off by sharing the below inform
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
I don't mean to brag or show off by sharing the below information.

I Just want to highlight very positively what the environment today offers in terms of support and opportunities to those who choose to venture out doing whatever you would like on your own. This is what January 2019 had in store for me.

8 Corporate stand up comedy shows
2 Tedx Talks
7 Surgeries/Procedures
3 MedTech event talks/panel discussions
2 Holidays with Family
1 failed crowdfunding campaign followed by a successful private investment closure for webseries - Starting Troubles
3 Comedy Sketch Videos
1 Social Media Campaign - #DoctorBurnOut
3 Consulting projects through new company HiiiH

Across 5 Cities

Jan has been a fantastic learning experience, I hope the rest of the months follow just as well. I thank all (you know who you are) those who have supported me and trusted me with these responsibilities. I am very grateful for that.

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