I have a patient ,male, 58 yrs, controled DM2 on OHA ,-- ATT
I have a patient ,male, 58 yrs, controled DM2 on OHA ,-- ATT, 4 drug regimn started 2 months back for Lt. sided biopsy proven tuberculsis of Spermatic cord and possibly of Lt. epididymis. His SGOT and SGPT shows rising pattern progressively, 150 and 250 respectively, but no icterus After one month PZA was stopped but SGOT and SGPT contunes to rise further. Serum Albumin is 3.5 mg and his appetite is still not reduced. But he complais of weakness. Clinically Beaded Lt. spermatic cord swelling regressed considerabally, aloso proved on check USG. Please suggest further course of action
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D●●●●●●●a B●●●●●●e
D●●●●●●●a B●●●●●●e General Medicine
Rifampicin has to b stopped,continue INH+ ETB,InjSM can be started on alternate days
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What is Hb1ac/if it is high review oha as Diabetes and Extra Pulmonary TB are synergistic
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Dr. P●●●●a K●●●u
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Yes as the pt. was taking Metformin and Vilagliptin , Vildagliptin stopped and his Hb1ac report is awaiting. His physician suggested either Cildagliptin or Sitagliptin after seeing report of Hb1ac. Please comments.
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