ICMR launches online course to improve prescription practice
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To improve prescription practices among the country’s medical graduates, the Indian Council of Medical Research launched a free online course on 17 September on the occasion of World Patient Safety Day.

The course on ‘Prescribing Skills for Indian Medical Graduates’ will be run by the National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE-ICMR), Chennai, the ICMR said in a statement.

Launching the course, Prof Balram Bhargava, Secretary, Department of Health Research (DHR) and director-general, ICMR, said, “the course has now been made compulsory for postgraduates by the Medical Council of India. Building on success, we will ensure that this digital course on Prescribing Skills for Indian Medical Graduates is effective.”

Subsequently, this was undertaken based on the feedback received from the medical fraternity regarding prescription errors, he said.

Dr Nilima Kshirsagar, a leading expert, stated the course deals with various dos and don’ts of prescribing medicines and how to administer drugs and communicate instructions to patients, among other things.

It constitutes 40 video lectures of 20 minutes each to be taken online over a period of three months at the learner’s pace. It also involves a pre-test to evaluate participants’ prior knowledge.

A certificate of participation will be given on completion of the course. Interns are expected to register now and appear for the pre-test on October 4, or October 11, the statement said.

Medical graduates will have access to the course from October 12 and it closes on December 30

Course link: https://main.icmr.nic.in/content/icmr-online-prescribing-skills-course-indian-medical-graduates-img

Source: https://theprint.in/health/icmr-launches-online-course-to-improve-prescription-practices-among-medical-graduates/505131/
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Is it compulsory for interns to enroll for this course or optional??
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Can an undergraduate apply ? If yes then it' s last part uploading prescription how can an undergraduate go for it ?
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It says for registration we' ve got to upload our temporary registration number which we haven' t got right I guess we are not applicable for this one
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